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Time for some reading

Book is here. Time to get my read on.

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The 4-Hour Chef Hunts Deer & Eats Their Hearts

I have often heard people ask if Tim promote ‘Paleo’ eating.  He has already been on Robb Wolfs Podcast in 2010 to promote the 4 Hour Body, and Robb also did a guest post on Tim’s blog to promote the Paleo Solution Book back in 2010.  But now that the  Read more »

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How to Cook Like A Pro and Learn Anything – An Interview with Author Tim Ferriss | Wellness Mama

via Wellness mama is one of my favourite blogs now. The useful information presented there is amazing. Today there is a new interview with Tim talking about his new book the 4 Hour Chef.

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Pareto Nutrition Helping Out the Million Pound March

Pareto Nutrition has added some more to help you get going with the million pound march that Tim started.  Here is what they are doing: They have dropped by the price on all PAGG packages that are 2 month supply or more by at least $50, or the minimum wager  Read more »

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A motivational ‘lift’ from Tim

The 4-Hour Body Million-Pound March (and $1,000,000 Pot) 123 Comments Written by Tim Ferriss Topics: The 4-Hour Body – 4HB, The 4-Hour Chef – 4HC, The Slow-Carb Diet Many readers have lost 150+ pounds using The Slow-Carb Diet®. How can you lose at least 4%? What if you could make  Read more »

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Rebuilding Your Feet With Brian MacKenzie via Mobility WOD

Hey MWodies, Today’s mission begins a series with Brian MacKenzie of Crossfit Endurance about rebuilding your feet.  We receive many questions about people’s feet ranging from orthotics, to shoes, to bunions, to how to ween off high shoes, to how to stand. In later episodes we will cover mobilization and  Read more »

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The Best Fish Oil Money Can Buy

Why not all fish oil is created the same. A while ago Stephen from 4 Hour Life posted Costco vs. The World Round 1: Fish Oil and the Search for the Ultimate Omega!. At the time I had not yet got my Feremented Cod Liver Oil so I could not  Read more »

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6 Hours Left

As of now there is only 6 hours of votes left for the MI40 contest. If you have not already please take a second to vote for me just click the image below.  

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My Results From The MI40 Transformation Contest

How Ripped Can You Get In 40 Days? Please Click Here to Vote for me I have not written for a while.  This is for a couple reasons, first life has been busy but more importantly second, I have been hitting the gym hard for the MI40 Transformation Contest.  Here  Read more »

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Mi40 Results

Mi40 Results

Cutting it short at day 35 You are probably wondering why I am not doing the full.  First off I had great results with this program.  I think I am at my biggest and leanest that I have ever been.  I will be getting a BF% test done soon to  Read more »

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