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My Results From The MI40 Transformation Contest

How Ripped Can You Get In 40 Days? Please Click Here to Vote for me I have not written for a while.  This is for a couple reasons, first life has been busy but more importantly second, I have been hitting the gym hard for the MI40 Transformation Contest.  Here  Read more »

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Mi40 Results

Mi40 Results

Cutting it short at day 35 You are probably wondering why I am not doing the full.  First off I had great results with this program.  I think I am at my biggest and leanest that I have ever been.  I will be getting a BF% test done soon to  Read more »

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The Real Diet Hack From The 4-Hour Body That You Haven’t Read

Boost Your Fat Loss By Reading The Bonus Chapter Shortly after the book came out Tim released some material that did not make the final cut here.  One of the bonus chapters was a guest chapter written by Seth Roberts, author of The Shangri-La Diet: No Hunger, Eat Anything, Weight-Loss  Read more »

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Why I Don’t Do Cheat Days

I knew many people would not like this post, but I do want to stress that cheat days can be good and even necessary for some people. I choose not to do them because a) I want to be single digit body fat and b) I feel much better without  Read more »

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Updated Progress

I have not posted a progress update for a while, I have been mostly in maintenance mode until the last couple weeks.  After reading Gary Taubes book “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It”  I was motivated to cut my carbs back even more, and I saw  Read more »

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Progress Update

Had some big wins this week. First Tim Ferriss tweeted and posted on his facebook links to my pictures that I posted on Needless to say I had over 6 times the amount of traffic that day. Second I actually went to a gym yesterday. Funny thing I ran  Read more »

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Refocusing Your Goals … 100 Push-up Challenge

Jason from Finding My Fitness recently made a post about Q2 Progress.  And previously I posted about how important goals are and how important it is to track them frequently.  Well it is time for me to start taking my own advice. I have recently reach and surpassed some of  Read more »

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My Success … So Far

                It has been 2 weeks since I posted progress pictures.  I have been taking pictures daily with an iPhone app called Everyday.  I have been seeing good results so figured I would post them here. My routine has not changed much, but  Read more »

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3 week progress pictures

          After stalling for a week on intermittent fasting I tweaked my routine and start taking more accurate details of my macronutrient consumption. I have definitely put on muscle and my body weight has been about the same at 157-158 lbs. Here us a picture from  Read more »

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Public tracking

Now everyone can see where I am at with my progress and my goals. I will tweak this spreadsheet based on what my current goals are for strength and running.

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