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The Best Fish Oil Money Can Buy

Why not all fish oil is created the same. A while ago Stephen from 4 Hour Life posted Costco vs. The World Round 1: Fish Oil and the Search for the Ultimate Omega!. At the time I had not yet got my Feremented Cod Liver Oil so I could not  Read more »

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My Results From The MI40 Transformation Contest

How Ripped Can You Get In 40 Days? Please Click Here to Vote for me I have not written for a while.  This is for a couple reasons, first life has been busy but more importantly second, I have been hitting the gym hard for the MI40 Transformation Contest.  Here  Read more »

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Occam’s Protocol VS Mi40 by Ben Pakulski

I have never been a fan of Occam’s Protocol workouts. I personally have never followed it because my goals always have a component of athleticism for the sports that I play and coach, and Occam’s would not help me with that goal. I did experiment with Joe Defranco’s a”Westside for  Read more »

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Science to back up Sir Branson’s famous productivity tip “Work out”

When I first read the 4 Hour Body I was consumed with trying to work as much as possible so I could not work as much when my wife ended her maternity leave.  The quote from the book that resonated with me the most at the time was Richard Branson’s  Read more »

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The Big Fat Missing Chapter

Condtradictions of the lipid hypothesis in The 4-Hour Body In the book that states “Everything Popular is Wrong” you would think there would some strong points against the conventional thoughts on fat (specifically saturated fat) and the lipid hypothesis.  What the heck is the lipid hypothesis?  Here is a good  Read more »

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Why CrossFit Gets a Bad Rep

I recently ran across a tweet that Martin Berkhan made with a link to the video below.  Try to watch the video without getting upset, it will be hard. So and explanation of what this is.  This is not a standard clean and jerk, this is called a continental clean  Read more »

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Review: The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Update: There is a trial offer for $5 which makes this very affordable ebook.  You will be billed the remainder in 21 days but you do get a lot of good info. Previously I have done reviews for a couple other books related to The 4-Hour Body, Why We Get  Read more »

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Healthy GOMAD With Raw Milk

GOMAD For The Lactose Intolerant Now that my fat and weight loss goals have been met, I have found it more difficult to add weight than it was to subtract it.  I eat a lot, I do not track my calories or macro nutrients but I probably eat 2500-3000 calories  Read more »

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Why I Don’t Do Cheat Days

I knew many people would not like this post, but I do want to stress that cheat days can be good and even necessary for some people. I choose not to do them because a) I want to be single digit body fat and b) I feel much better without  Read more »

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Updated Progress

I have not posted a progress update for a while, I have been mostly in maintenance mode until the last couple weeks.  After reading Gary Taubes book “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It”  I was motivated to cut my carbs back even more, and I saw  Read more »

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