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Turkey Burgers

I have not posted any recipes for a long time as I am not the cook in my family. My wife recently came up with a really good recipe for homemade turkey burgers.  They are easy to make and perfect for making in bulk and throwing in the freezer. 1kg  Read more »

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Getting “Buy-In” From The People Around You

If you are single and live on your own I apologize as this post does not really apply to you. Getting to 100% compliance requires the people around you to be on board as well. Whether it is Paleo or Slow Carb or any other way of eating that is  Read more »

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Slow Carb Diet Stalling

As an active participant at and an ex participant at 4hourpeople (not sure why I got kicked off still), I see many people complaining that the Slow Carb diet doesn’t work for them, or they expected 20lbs in 30 days like Tim said but aren’t seeing it.  As a  Read more »

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Is there a diet better than the slow carb diet part 2

Its not just about Fat Loss I while ago I posted and article about intermittent fasting after I found Martin Berkhan’s site  To me (and some other smart people) intermittent fasting is great for fat loss but also has many other benefits to health and longevity. A couple months  Read more »

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How Exercise Does and Does not Affect Fat Loss

A commonly debated topic is how much exercise affects fat loss.  Most media implies that it is the main factor for fat loss so people will buy more products and gym memberships.  A recent article in Time magazine states that it “Won’t Make You Thin“.  Because I feel there is  Read more »

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