Progress Update

Had some big wins this week. First Tim Ferriss tweeted and posted on his facebook links to my pictures that I posted on Needless to say I had over 6 times the amount of traffic that day.

Second I actually went to a gym yesterday. Funny thing I ran down to the community gym I used to go to about 4 KM run. There weren’t open for another hour because of the holiday. Luckily there is another gym 1/2 a KM up the road so I ran there and did some crazy lifts. The gym was small and packed, so I am not going to go back there. I got to do deadlifts, did a personal best of 275lbs and I could have done more but my body isn’t used to lifting heavy yet. I wanted to do flat bench but they were all taken. I did incline bench instead, this was always my worst lift. I did a reverse pyramid and finished with a personal best of 165lbs 4 reps. Then I ran the 4.5 KM home. Was an intense workout day for me and really fun, wish I had that much time to workout everyday. Also I find it pretty crazy that I am stronger than I have ever been but the only thing I have been doing is pushups, pullups and 2x20lb kettlebell exercises. Who says you need to pay $400 a year for a gym membership.

Also my 4HB buddy Jason posted a link to my old progress page from a few weeks ago on his blog.  So I though it as time for another picture update.  Here is a list of pictures to show my progress.

December 29th, 2010

March 4th, 2010 - 86 days65

March 25th, 2011 - 86 days

April 8th, 2011 - 100 days

April 21, 2011 - 113 days

I thought I would write a short list of tips for people as well.  Things that are not really stressed enough in the book.

  1. Eat lots of veggies if you want to lose fat.  I think this is more important that legumes.
  2. Schedule you carbs around your workouts.  Eat smaller portions on days off.
  3. Do a big workout on your cheat day.  Usually cheat days are on the weekend when you have more time so do a longer workout before you pig out.
  4. Control your portions.  In the book he says you can eat as much of the allowed foods as you want, but I found this really detrimental to fat loss.
  5. High intensity resistance training is better for fat loss than long bouts of cardio.  This is to be debated scientifically but I have found you get much more bang for your buck.

Stay tuned for my new post on “How exercise does and does not affect fat loss”

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  • RR

    Holy crap dude!! I can believe the results..

    • Justin

      Who is this? LOL

  • RR

    Holy crap dude!! Your results are crazy.. Need more info..

  • Chantel

    Wow, awesome post. This is inspiring. As per your recommendation I’m going to increase veggie intake. Thanks for looking over my blog once in a while, obtaining results like yours are a goal. This past week was #3 for me and my results looked like 1.1% BF fat loss – 3.6 lb body weight loss. Buying a 44lb kettle bell today :)

  • Jason

    This is unreal, dude! I hadn’t seen the latest pic yet. The difference between days 100 and 113 are really dramatic, let a lone since day 1. It’s awesome to see how your arms are huge now, but it’s all tight. Not to mention your man-boobies turning into rocky pecs. ;)

    I’ll fix the link!


    • Justin

      Thanks man. Start doing those burpees and you’ll get there too … LOL.
      100 push ups (night) and 30 pullups (morning) everyday. Takes 10 minutes its too easy.

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  • Sue

    Good lord, man! That is incredible progress. You are a poster child for this program. Keep up the great work. I found your blog from NewJohn. Inspirational.

  • Apchambers

    Excellent results. I am also very happy you mentioned more vegetables

  • Vljflowergirl

    I have the book and I just couldnt believe all he ate on the cheat day!!!